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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 29, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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gas station. the man hunt for a gunman. and our super bowl coverage live from new orleans. why the game wasn't the biggest topic for media day. this is bay area news at 7. >> guide evening it's tuesday, january 29th. we begin tonight with new coverage of developing news. as we've been telling you san francisco police along with the fbi have been searching a home where a boy disappeared 29 years ago. kevin collins was on his way home from basketball practice when thy vanished from a bus stop. ouramber lee is where authorities have been searching. >> just a short while ago law
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enforcement wrapped up their search. it took place inside in two- unit home with the lights on. >> we this evening she tells us police did find something that they sent to a state lab for testing. cadaver dogs might have found remains under the con can crete floor of the garage. preliminarily it appears they are animal bones and not how many. one neighbor tells us she's unsettled by the search. >> >> reporter: what's you're reaction? >> tearerfullying. especially in your own neighborhood. it's been a long time ago but in everyone's minds there's also fear. >> reporter: the search has attacked a lot of attention in this neighborhood. people telling us they remember kevin collins being among the
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first missing children casings getting widespread attention. we have more details now from our past coverage of this case. we spoke to kevin's mother a decade ago when she showed us pictures right before the boy disappeared. and the one that became the fist picture of a missing child on the milk carton. one lead that went nowhere was senders on con convicted killer. they cleared them of any novemberment. talking to family members of kevin collins about the development in this case. you'll be hearing from this tonight on the 10:00 news. >> well now a man hunt is now following a fatal shooting at a gas station. at the 76 gas station an
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railroad, avenue. >> reporter: the police found the body by the first two gas pumps here at gas station. the victim was shot in the head and later died at the hospital. witnesses are looking for shooter. investigators say tonight they are looking for brian fox. here's a photo i have obtained from police. he is 22 and consider canned armed and dangerous. police home someone will help feigned him. at 9:00 a.m. pittsburgh police were called to the 76 gas station on railroad avenue. >> the suspect fled on foot and got into a vehicle that was nearby. we have witnesses as well as cameras in the area. which help us get a description of the vehicle as well as a possible license plate. >> police say someone drove the
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suspect away from the scene. within hours police were able to track the getwave vehicle. and sonderred the house. officers blocked off the streets. neighbors watched wondering what was happening. , i told us to stay inside and that was it. >> reporter: the suspect was not there. evidence technicians took photos inside the home. police interviewed witnesses and launched the search for the 23-year-old man, brian fox, police say the victim died at a hospital at about 1:30 p.m. >> we believe he was a target of this incident. >> reporter: again police say if you've seen brian fox you are asked to call pittsburgh police. they are not releasing his name until he has been notified. he did have prior contacts with
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police. crews are looking into a power out an that's takes place right now. nearly 4,000tures lost power. interstate 680. the outages happen you're 5:30 p.m. it hasn't determined what caused the outage and has sent crews to address it. police have released sketches of brentwood. they resemble a driver and passer from a car used in the shooting. police say two others were also in the car but they do not have their descriptions. fourteen agers were sin juried in the shooting last week. and asked by the teen was wearing nike cortez sneakers. then someone in the car can
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opened fire. it may be gang related. oakland police release evidence of a arrests thursday night picking up glenn will sob at the airport in houston. wilson was using an alias and was trying to flee to mississippi. a complaint also releases details from the attack the officer clearly identified himself as a police officer. >> the suspect at that point didn't care. so that's the mentality of the violence of the individual that we're dealing with. >> glenn wilson faces charges of armed robbery of an officer and aassault. two other men are in custody of parole violations. go to for more on
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coverage. declaring a state of emergency. just self-control down to hot topics. tonight california lawmakers are considering a list of nine new gun lawings. there was -- examined whether current laws need to be refined. some argued the focus needs to be on enforcing the laws we already have. >> a $20 million a year investment in gutting the guns out of a prohibited person would be a very wise and worthy investment. >> the number of bills on the table is likely to increases a the hearings continue. they go before commit fee next. major league baseball says it's reviewing links that 7 major leaguers to steroids in florida. former san francisco giant and
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two former oakland a's players. the report found that these men bought performance enhancing drugs there. they denied takeing ped's. down to the super bowl in new orleans today is media day. all of the players are made available for interviews. joe, you attended the interview sessions inside the super dome and one star defensive player had to defend himself. >> you're right. we talked about this last night. a lot of times during super bowl week a story of the daybreaks out. we head out for media day today and found out we were doing hard news. all bobble coaches fear distraction. could this report become one
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this week for the ravens? >> i wouldn't give him the credit to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches for my moment. i can't do it. i've been in this business 17 years and nobody has ever got up with me ever morning and trained with me. every testive ever taken in the nfl there's never been a question if --ive ever even thought about using anything. >> so ray lewis works real hard. he's passed every test. i think it diminish issues the hard work someone might do. >> the rest of media day was more standard fair. y whacky. >> this isn't the post game speech. after me won so there's still a lot to do. there's still a lot of nervous
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tension in the air about what we've got to do as far as handling our business and go out there and prepare. >> well, ray lewis an article in sports illustrated in which lewis was accused of using performance enhancing drugs while he rehab earlier this season. that's what the reaction was too. and you heard him say it all. nobody remembers who loses the super bowl. reporting live. san francisco police are bracing for a celebration if the 49ers within the super bowl. they told us they'll be shutting down early on sunday or will close immediately if the 9ers win. they don't the a rebeet of this scene three months ago. they went wild celebrating the
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giant's world series within win. >> people work hard out here. it's their livelihood and we need to protect what's going on. >> police asking businesses to bring in their trash and recycling bins early. meantime san francisco city hall is bathed in the 49ers signature $s. it's been sports red and gold to cheer the team on. about everyone in the city is sporting red and gold and in 15 minutes our coverage continues who like to call themselves raven fans in the fog. and with sure to stay can with ktvu with all of your super bowl coverage. leading up to the big game then right after the game switch to channel 2 for a live local post game show.
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>> south bay today to hear president obama talk about immigration reform. we'll tell you if they are encouraged or discouraged by what they heard. and the battle to bear it all. how a federal judge ruled on a challenge of a nudity ban. >> a warmer forecast is coming up.
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in hayward a fire displaced a family of five this morning. but their dog was saved. the fire started in the attic. the damage has made the home uninhabitable until costly repairs can be done. the mother was taking her y children to school and the
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father was out as well. y teens arrested in violence robberies earlier this morning. are find full robberies. a home invasion where a couple in their 70s were tide up and suspects stole their belongings and vehicles. the men are being held on charges including armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. and the push for immigration reform. president obama went on the road today. >> a process that includes passing a background check. paying taxes, paying a penalty, learning english and then going to the back of the line of all the folks trying to come here
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legally. >> president obama played out a frame work and immigration. part dan group of senators yesterday. some want the bill by summer. but conservatives are dead set against the path way. the president's speech drew a lot of attention in the south bay. robert honda reports with an audience that had a very personal interest in the president's message. >> the church the filled today with people searching for hope. who appealed for change in laws to help undocumented immigrants to get on the right side of the law. >> living like this is actually really hard. so it's like living in the shadow because you're living with fears. >> reporter: community groups applauded the president's speech. >> i think that it went
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straight to the point and that is the fact that there is an urgent need to create a pathway to citizenship. >> reporter: others hoping to reunite family members that are deported. >> i believe -- >> the house is working on it's own plan to follow the senate's version. >> what i welcome are the voices of bipartisanship because the corn drink has waited a long time. to remember years ago evens a the same quote, so i hope this time is the time. >> reporter: today's watch party is the start of a number of community meetings. in san jose.
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can expecting disaappointment. the president did not discuss the path nor same-sex couples. the supreme court will rule in a way that gives same-sex couple als the same rights at heterosexual couples. >> i believe the institution [indiscernible] >> the supreme court is slated to take up the issue this spring spring. the u.s. district judge dismissed the lawsuit who argued the ban is unconstitutional. the judge found the ban is not overly restricted. the ban is set to go into effect friday. hoping to hear from any victims
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of alleged hazing. last week the head football coach there was fired and five players expelled. students says those players hazed other students last season. he says he was the first to report the hazing and is now being made the schappequote. the school disagrees. >> we expect can people to do their job and report when incidents take place. but it doesn't clear you the respondents. >> they have not opened an official investigation. two vermont call groups are suing stanford university. prevents them from migrating. the university to stop using water from the reservoir because they say it degrades
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the happen tat. apple is upping the memory on it's ipad. 128 gigabytes up of 64. they will go on sale february 5 february 5th starting at $799. the search enjoin opened up it's maps program to anyone who can contribute to the world's most secretive countries. instead of the old map user will be able to see details suchs hotels and schools. our super bowl coverage is coming up with ravens fans. plus temperatures on the rise across the bay area. letting us know how warm it's going to get.
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well, some call it disgusting but clearly others enjoyed getting all lathered up in australia. the blanket of sea foam. the phenomenon is a parting gift from a tropical storm that
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bombarded that country's east coast. when they are churned up by powerful currenting causing the water to form those bubbles. >> it just may be a beach day. if you have the day off, temperatures are going to be climbing. tomorrow we will see some improvement over today. it was still a bit cool. the winds a light one in santa rosa. calm in areas like oakland. we do have a partly clear skies. temperatures right now beginning to cool off. slightly warmer than we were 24 hours ago. and this is the trend we will quinn to see. 53 in santa row za but feels like 49. 51 in hayward. so cool off this evening.
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satellite view we've been watching this picture for the last couple of days. high pressure up off the pacific. it's slowly shifting over the states. and that's what's bringing the warming trends. so mostly sunny skies for tomorrow. highs for tomorrow upper 50s to mideu6s and the winds will be offshore and generally light [ overlapping speakers ] it's going to be another chilly morning. 39 in vallejo. walnut creek. around the bay, upper 30s to mid40ás. nothing too bad. mid-60s for santa rosa tomorrow. into the afternoon around the bay 61 for oakland. down into the south bay temperatures are going to feel
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pretty good. 64 in santa cruz. thursday will be slightly warmer. friday looks to be the nicest day with mostly sunny skies entemperatures hitting the upper to mideu6s. we will be turning cooler by super bowl sunday. partly cloudy and temperatures to be in the 60s. not everyone in the city by the bay will be routeing for the 49ers this sunday. >> what time is it? game time! >> baltimore ravens fans aren't hiding their team spirit. calling themselves ravens in the fog. they continue to gather at a local bar on sunday to watch the game altogether. thank you, for watching. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight the first interview with the san francisco police about the
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search conducted today in a home with the kevin collins missing persons case. tmz is up next right here on tv36. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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